How to Stop a Door From Slamming? 10 Best Ways

If you have a door in your house that constantly slams shut, don’t worry! There are ways how to fix this issue. No one likes to be surprised by an unexpected, loud sound. Therefore, preventing the door from slamming will avoid any harassment throughout the day, and it will allow your household to sleep without distractions.

There are a variety of reasons why doors slam shut. For example, doors may be incorrectly positioned or too heavy. Also, a strong gust of wind can be the culprit. There are situations when the door slam shut for no specific reason with all this. In this article, we’ll cover the main reasons and give you the solution to this problem. So, let’s start!

How to Stop a Door From Slamming?

How to Stop a Door From Slamming? Each door requires a different approach when it comes to slamming. However, installing anti-door slam hardware is the simplest and most effective way to stop and prevent a droom from slamming. Other methods that you can use are installing a door closer, using a rubber band, or by a door pinch guard.

Keep in mind that these are not the only ways how you can prevent doors from slamming. Below, we’ll get into other ways to prevent the door in your office or home from slamming. Situations that we’ll cover will be from when the door closes on its own under a gust of wind to those when they go in the opposite direction and hit the wall.

Why Doors Slam?

Reasons why door slam

First, you need to find out the cause of the problem. Check your door carefully and see what is going on with them. There are a couple of things you need to pay attention to. When the door slams, does it stay open or close after the hit? Is it an exterior or interior door? As the cheapest and easiest solution for interior doors that have a wide opening range, it is recommended to install a doorstop.

A Doorstop is a small wedge positioned under the door and prevents the door from moving. The basic version of the rubber doorstop can be purchased in stores for only $5.

You can choose a design that, for example, matches the hinges and door handles. But you should know that this small, affordable item is not the solution for every door slam-shut situation. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best methods you can use to prevent doors from slamming.

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10 Ways to Stop a Door From Slamming

When you have a door slam shut problem, there are several ways to solve this issue. Door slamming is often caused by wind, which is especially true for exterior doors and cases of weather disasters such as storms. Here are the ten ways how you can stop your doors from slamming.

Best Anti Door Slam ProductsEfficiency:Installation Difficulty:
1. Install Foam Strips 4/10 Medium
2. Inspect the Door Hinges4/10  Easy
3. Install a Door Silencer 6/10Easy 
4. Get Automatic Door Closer 10/10Medium  
5. Install a Door Stopper 8/10Easy
6. Use Felt Pads 5/10 Easy
7. Weatherstripping 6/10Medium   
8. Magnetic Door Stop7/10 Medium   
9. Dreambaby Stop Slam 6/10Medium    
10.  Wittle Finger Pinch Guard6/10  Easy
Best ways to prevent doors from slamming

1. Install Foam Strips

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To dampen the loud noise of doors, the first solution is to install foam strips. The softening of the foam will enable soft door closing even when they are closed by force. The best is to use foam weather stripping that is adhesive. They can be bought in many lengths and cut to any size into the door frame.

Before removing the adhesive, be sure to measure the door and cut the strips accordingly. You have to prepare the door, which means you need to clean the door frame from the inside by using water, soap, and a cloth. Clean the interior thoroughly, and after be sure to wipe it. Remove a few inches from the adhesive’s back and then place it right beside the door frame. It is recommended to start in one corner and follow the line, ensuring that the strip is applied evenly around the frame.

2. Inspect the Door Hinges

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Before you go and buy something fancy, I recommend you check the state of your door hinges. Door hinges that are improperly mounted or worn out can cause a significant imbalance that is enough for doors to slam hard on their own.

Make sure that the doors are set to a 90-degree angle. Next, use a tool for leveling and inspect if your doors are in good balance. Maybe the problem can be solved just by tightening up the screws of the hinge. But if you discover that the hinges are worn out, you will need to replace them.

Replacing Door Hinges

Doors don’t need to be removed entirely for you to remove worn-out hinges. The trick is to remove one hinger at a time. The easier way to start this process is by replacing the top door hinge. This can be done by unscrewing the hinges, starting with the doors and then from the door frame.

Screw the new hinge piece into your door frame, and do not forget to inspect the alignment. You can do that by using a level. The hinge must be aligned completely vertically. After you installed the hinge into your door frame, it is time to install the door. This process requires you to tighten the hinge so that they are plumped.

The same procedure needs to be done with the top hinge and also with the other 2 hinges. Make sure that alignment is in place while replacing all hinges. That way the process of slamming will be stopped if you have done everything correctly.

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3. Install a Door Silencer

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The next option with which you can stop a door from slamming is by installing a door silencer. These door silencers can be seen on heavy doors that are made of steel that is usually installed in schools and hospitals. We are talking here about a small conned shape piece that is produced of heavy-duty rubber molded into flat circular backing.

Installation Process

The installation process is easy and simple, and anyone can do it. Door silencers can be used for metal and wooden doors. First, you have to drill into the door frame of the doorstop a 1/4″ hole.  That 1/4″ cavity will help the rubber cone to fit inside and not fall out securely.

The 1/8″ flat door silencer is an absorber and it is placed on the door frame. It is flexible enough to keep the door securely close and not make much racket.

4. Get Automatic Door Closer

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Automatic Door Closer is the most popular gadget that homeowners use to prevent doors from slamming. There are many door-closer models on the market, but we recommend those made from steel or aluminum because they usually last much longer than plastic ones.

For the automatic door closers, you have to adjust speed and pressure. When the wind blows out the door, pressure set on high will make sure that the door closer will stop your doors from slamming shut.

In this video, you can find step by step guide on what you need to do to replace and install an automatic door closer.

5. Install a Door Stopper

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The cheapest method that you can use and prevent doors from slamming is to install a doorstop below the door. You have to know that, in this case, your doors will be open until you remove the doorstop from its position. This is an excellent way if you have doors that frequently slam because of wind that comes into the house through a window.

Keep in mind that plastic doorstops are a thing of the past. On the market today, you can buy different models of doorstops. You can easily match them to the decor of the room.

6. Use Felt Pads

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The self-adhesive pad is a great way to prevent your doors from slamming. They are made from felt that people usually use to prevent scratching the floor by moving furniture in everyday use.

First, stick a felt pad along the door frame edge (be sure to cover the bottom and top). Also, place them on the bottom and the top of your strike plate. These small pads should be enough to stop the doors from slamming by slowing them down.

7. Weatherstripping

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This is also one of the ways you can stop the door from slapping. Weatherstripping can be useful in many situations. If felt pads don’t help you, you can try to use weatherstrip. A squishy and soft weatherstrip will avoid the door slamming. I recommend you use the Foam Tape Frost King Rubber. Although it is not completely a weatherstrip, it is a cheap version and can really work well.

Before you start to apply that foam tape, you must clean away all grime and dirt from the doorframe inside. After the door frame is cleaned and dry, you have to cut a foam tape piece the size of the full door frame length, from the bottom to the top. Lastly, be sure to press the tape into its place.

8. Magnetic Door Stop

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This magnetic door stop is also a great way to stop the door slam shut on the wind strike. The way it does this is that your doors are attached via a magnet to the doorstop.

I learned on the Reddit forums that people recommend this product because it prevents doors slam shot very effectively, even when it comes to very strong wind. All due to its powerful magnet keeping the door on a wind gust. It can be attached to the wall or the floor, either will work just fine.

9. Dreambaby Stop Slam

Dreambaby Stop Slam is an excellent tool that can prevent doors from slamming and can be very easily placed on the door. According to Amazon Reviews, people either hate it or simply love it! My conclusion is to pay attention to the installation process because this product does not work the same for everyone (probably because of the wrong installation).

The Dreambaby stop slam was manufactured to help protect kids’ fingers from door slams. However, some people report that they stop using this product after their children are all grown up. Keep in mind that many small products are very similar to the Dreambaby door slam. Before buying, feel free to read some of the reviews for this product.

10.  Wittle Finger Pinch Guard

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This clever little thing is definitely the easiest and simplest tool that you can use to prevent the door from slamming shut. This model has the shape of the letter C and it is used between the door frame and your doors. Essentially it acts as an active door draft stopper.

The pinch guard stops the door from slamming when the strong wind hits a window that is open. You just have to place the finger pinch in the right position on the door, a minimum of six inches instead of the outer edge. When you are not using it, it can hang on the doorknob.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen all the possible ways how to prevent a door from slamming, it’s up to you to choose the method that works best for you. For slamming shut doors, I recommend using a rubber band, weather stripping, automatic door closer, or pads. There is also a good chance that you have to replace the hinges. If none of my anti-slam door solutions works for you, there is just one last option – buying a new door. I hope that this article has helped you and for any additional questions feel free to comment below.

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